Christian Mamoun






In my work I ask in a subjective way through a series of images the question of home. For this introduction I replace the term «zuhause» by «home». Home is a very universal term and difficult to translate from English, it means, the home, the homeland, the house, the starting point... I make this term my own by making an analogy with the term «heimat» in German, my mother tongue. The «Heimat» is translated as «homeland» in both the large and small sense, from the garden plot to the national territory. The «home» in my definition is a universal term that means a place or device that is not linked to a precise geolocation but refers to a physical territory or place. In my research I define it as a place of life, an apartment, a house, or any other space that allows one to reside there for a certain period of time. I exclude temporary accommodations such as hotels, air bnb, etc. I limit myself to «permanent» housing because what interests me in my photography is the visual construction of home in the person I photograph, the actor of his daily scene becomes the main role of his own decor. In order to build this it is generally necessary to invest time, energy and money. Once we go beyond the social conventions of functional and representational housing, creativity has no limits and can be expressed in any way imaginable. In large and small areas. In this way it is not the device or the geology that defends the home but the layout inside it. The physical constraint of the home does only give framework to the creation of the interior. Introduction The home becomes playground and place of expression above all whether voluntarily and consider or purely by «libido» and «sturm & drang», the obsessive need to fill the space. we can therefore conclude that the objects that fill the inhabited space and form the home are removable and can be transported to rebuild a home elsewhere.