Camila Falcao


Across, in Between and Beyond




I've been photographing Brazilian trans women and transvestites for my project ‘Abaixa Que é Tiro’ for over 3 years. While doing it I got in touch with many layers of the LGBTQI+ community (I’m part if this community myself) and by far what really got me were the non-binaries and their lifestyle, especially how they relate to each other, the networks/chains of affection created between them. It’s precisely these networks I’m documenting for my ongoing project “Across, in Between and Beyond” for over a year now and that I intent to continue to do so with the help of this grant. I realized the existence of these chains of affection when I started talking to them about photographing them and they started suggesting me people to photograph and wanted to be photographed with these people, so I photograph them in pairs, with people they suggest and repeating characters to show the network, always in a home environment and with natural light, I’m also photographing some of theirs tattoos, once they have the tendency of expressing themselves this way and some solo portraits. There are also few cisgender girls that are part of these chains of affection and I’m photographing them as well, at the beginning I was reluctant to include them, but I realized there is no reason to not to do so. It is necessary to take into consideration that Brazil is the country that kills the most transgender people in the world, the number of transphobia murders has already increased by 90% in 2020, the situation here is very difficult at this moment, we have an extremely limited, homophobic, racist, transphobic, misogynist and chauvinist president that is doing everything he can to make the lives of these people even harder, but we have no choice but to resist, and I believe that in times like this, strengthening ourselves with those we love is an act of resistance.