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Avishag Shaar-Yashuv


Home away from Home




Home away from Home By Avishag Shaar-Yashuv The Barri family - Amnon, Tamar, and their children Malmalo, Paamon and Achu. Amnon Barri, a circus man, experienced a personal tragedy in childhood when his sister was murdered near him in Ras Burka in the Sinai Desert. One day Amnon woke up knowing that his life had to change. Tamar Aviner, a painter, was born to an Orthodox family and lived in a settlement. One day she decided to leave her past behind her; she bought a van and began wandering the breadth and width of Israel. On her wanderings, Tamar stopped for Amnon who was hitchhiking. The two arrived in the desert and there, in the Rainbow Festival, discovered their love for one another. From Israel they wandered to Kenia, Africa, and there, in an Africa tribe tent, their daughter was born. A year later, The Barry's returned to Israel, To Tamar's old van. and kept Traveling & seeking for a place where their hearts will tell them – This is home. On the background of the hectic news addict Israeli way of life, the scene of this detached relaxed couple look almost suspicious and non-Israeli. Nowadays, they spend the days together, building their home, cooperating with nature, and raising their children in Their unique way. Galilee, Israel 2013 – 2020

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