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Aslon Arfa


Pigeon Racing




Pigeon racing is taking place in the hottest period of the year, July and August. The Iranian way of it is to calculate the Time pigeons are remaining in the sky. First two competitors reach to an agreement on the numbers of the doves they want to take part in the race then on a certain day they make the doves to fly before six o’clock in the morning. Each of them in his own place with attendance of three juries in each place. The time of each dove remain in the sky is written and then the total time is divided by the number of doves took part in the race. Whoever has the higher time is the winner. And the winner is taking the sum of the bet which is usually high, it could be cash or a car like BMW or gold coins or … In the competition day, the racers are inviting friends and serving breakfast and lunch and several times of tea.

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