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Alexandre Bagdassarian Project II






Wind-driven sand, winter floods from the Bolivian highlands, constantly lacerate and pound the Atacama landscapes. Along the roads mingle some of the largest mines ever dug by man, smoking factories like the volcanoes dotted along the Andes, tombs and cemeteries. It is also in this place that the most important astronomical observatories of the planet are located, which try to answer the oldest questions of our civilizations : Where do we come from, where are we and where are we going? The shipwreck is here a lyrical attitude to describe the Atacama Desert, its forms, its mountains, its faults, without forgetting its past and present history. Many Chilean poets sought to materialize the symbolism of the shipwreck, highlighting the presence of a generation spirit undermined by a feeling of defeat and perdition following the events of 1973 and the beginning of the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. The Atacama Desert is therefore a place with multiple layers, where the visible seems a

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