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Adrian Saker Project I


Frank Ross is Out


United Kingdom


When everything falls silent and the world feels distant and its noise fails to drown out the quiet voice coming from within, anxiety creates a space for dialogue with our own mortality and with the knowledge that everything that is, will ultimately one day be gone. All places are temporal and impermanent, governed not only by the changes of nature but also by our ever-changing engagement with them. They are worlds of meaning that might be held open for a time but will, inevitably, fall away. By operating according to our default state, going through life without really engaging with the question of the meaning of being, we do not just avoid confronting our own mortality but we separate ourselves from life itself. We blind ourselves to the experience of things as they are. This is the tragedy; to one day realise that we've been asleep and have not seen what was always right in front of us. As such, the true destructive force is not temporality or even death, it is regret.

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