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  • What is the purpose of the Hamburg Portfolio Review?
    With the Hamburg Portfolio Review, we want to establish a new professional development platform in Europe for the international photo community. Our mission is to create opportunities for emerging photographers from around the world regardless of their nationality, ethnic background, gender or financial status and give voice and expression to creatives aiming to present their project(s). The intention is to create an event with an international and diverse outlook, so we would especially like to invite photographers and reviewers from under-represented countries and regions in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Hamburg Portfolio Review enables young talents to present their work in a professional environment and provides a unique chance for them to discuss their project(s) with top-notch professionals in the photo industry, whom they otherwise might not be able to meet in personal reviews. We will link the participants to the regional publishing industry, art foundations, museums, festivals and international organizations.
  • What is the Hamburg Portfolio Review looking for?
    The Hamburg Portfolio Review targets those who are sincere about photography. For whom photography is not just a hobby but a professional visual way to address contemporary issues. We are curious to discover new photographic work from all around the globe, image-makers and visual storytellers that have developed their unique voice and have something to express through photography.
  • What is the timeline of the submissions and the event?
    • Online application platform will be open from May 01 – May 31, 2024 • Of all the applications received, a jury will review the work online and select 100 participants for the Hamburg Portfolio Review. • Announcement of participants will be published on July 14, 2024 • The reviews will take place virtually on October 19, 2024. Details about the exhibitions and program will be announced soon.
  • Where do I apply?
    Please submit your portfolio via Picter:
  • When will I know if I have been selected?
    The date for the announcement of the 100 participants will be on August 1, 2024. We will notify you via mail and publish the selected photographers online.
  • Why do I need to include a portfolio in my application for the Hamburg Portfolio Review?
    Portfolios and already existing photos are work samples that help us understand the candidate’s photographic style and thematic orientation.
  • How detailed should the portfolio be?
    The portfolio should sufficiently outline the character and purpose of your project(s). The portfolio can consist of max. 2 projects and 5–10 images per project.
  • Are there any genre requirements for the portfolio?
    There are no genre requirements. However, the focus is on narrative content, not on advertising imagery.
  • How are the participants of the Hamburg Portfolio Review selected?
    The participants are selected by a jury consisting of a team of picture editors of the magazines STERN, GEO and some other magazines of Gruner + Jahr and photography professors of the UE Germany.
  • Is there a registration fee?
    Participation in the Hamburg Portfolio Review is free of charge, there is no registration fee.
  • How many participants will be invited to the Hamburg Portfolio Review?
    From all applications received, a jury will select 100 participants for the Hamburg Portfolio Review
  • Technical data for online application: What is the maximum size for the application files?
    CV: not more than 2 pages, biography: max. 1500 characters, data size: max. 1 MB. Portfolio/project(s): max. 10 images per project, each image 3000 px on the long side, default. Captions in the IPTC Metadata are required.
  • Is it possible to apply as a team of photographers?
    No, it is not possible to team up with other photographers. We only accept submissions by individuals.
  • Is it possible for one applicant to submit two different projects in two separate online applications
    No, we only accept one application per person.
  • Who is eligible to apply — is there an age restriction?
    You are eligible to apply if you are older than 18 years during the application period.
  • Is it possible to submit videos/moving images?
    No, videos/moving images are not eligible. We only accept digital images as JPEG files.
  • Can I apply for the Hamburg Portfolio Review with a project that has already been published?
    Yes, you can apply with a project that has been published.
  • Will AI generated images be accepted?
    In regard of the development of AI technology and the discussion about "promptography" and deepfakes, we exclude AI-generated images for reportage and documentary photography. For free formats and artistic works, we ask for the following labeling on your Picter Submissions: - authentic photography (A) - manipulated photography (M), - generated image (G)
  • Can I apply with a project that has previously been submitted to a competition?
    Yes, you can apply with a project that has been published.
  • Is it possible to submit long-term projects?
    Yes, it is. Please remember to indicate the timeline of creation and if it is an ongoing project.
  • Is there anything important I must note before submitting work to the Hamburg Portfolio Review?
    You must have the publication rights to the people shown on your pictures.
  • What will happen with the submitted images?
    We will use the submitted images for the selection process of the Hamburg Portfolio Review. Please note: The submitted images may be used for publications as part of the marketing activities (website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and mailings) of the Hamburg Portfolio Review. For marketing purposes in connection with the reporting/public relations of Hamburg Portfolio Review we might also make individual images available to our co-operation partners such as the "Altonaer Museum, Canon, Intesa SanPaolo, Freelens and the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE).
  • Who do I contact if I have still questions about the Hamburg Portfolio Review?
    Please contact our Hamburg Portfolio Team via:
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